Vintage fabric velcro purses

What you will need
  • Two pieces of fabric to be the outside of the purse and the lining. 
  • Rotary cutter
  • Two strips of hook and loop sew on velcro
  • Iron on padding
  • pins
  • sewing machine 
  • Thread matching your chosen fabric
  • Iron

This is the fabric I used. I used the bright floral fabric for the outside of my purse and the soft floral fabric for the lining. You can use the same fabric for the front and lining of your purse or different fabric it's up to you. My fabric pieces measure 13.5'' length by 8'' width. My purse is big enough for storage of bits and pieces in my handbag like makeup and medicine.

Iron your two pieces of fabric flat to eliminate creases. This step will make it alot easier to work with the fabric later on.
Cut a piece of padding one inch less around all sides of your chosen fabric size. For example my padding is 12.5'' long by 7'' wide to fit my 13.5'' by 8'' fabric. 

Still with me? :)

Taking your lining fabric, place wrong side down (patterned side of the fabric facing the table) and place the iron on padding on the fabric. Sticky/rough side of padding in contact with fabric and the soft side of the padding facing you.
Carefully flip the fabric over so the patterned side of the fabric is facing you and iron without steam.
The heat from the iron will cause the glue on the padding to melt and stick to the fabric.

 Take both pieces of fabric and place right sides facing together and pin around the edges.

Sew around edges with a 1/4'' seam. Leave a 3'' opening on one of the edges so to pull the fabric inside out. We will sew this opening up later on.

Place two fingers inside the purse holding onto the corners and continue to pull the fabric right side out.

Iron out the turned out purse and iron flat the open seams of the 3'' opening.

Sew as close as you can to the seam to close the opening and conceal the stitches.

After the purse is all sewn we are ready to attach the velcro.
Place one 7'' strip of velcro on the top near the seams of one of the ends of fabric and second on the other end. Pin in place and sew around all four sides of the velcro making a box stitch.

After sewing both sides of velcro to the fabric fold outer sides together with the lining and velcro sides facing you. Pin around the edges and we are ready to sew the purse together.

I did a 1/4'' seam along both sides of the purse and back-stitched at the bottom and top of the purse. It's important to back-stitch at the top of your purse near the velcro because it will be opened alot and the stitches need to be secured so it doesn't fray open.
After sewing along both sides, turn purse inside out and you're done! You may want to iron your purse flat to get your seams perfectly even.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any questions I will happily answer them in the comments.

Happy Sewing! :)

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