Super easy felt bows

What you will need
  • Felt
  • Thread and needle
  • Hot glue gun
  • Bobby pins and safety pins (optional)
      Cut the felt into 2''x 3'' shapes
 Trim half an inch from one of the sides. This will be the belt that wraps around the center of your bow.
The new measurements for your felt shapes will now be 2'' wide by 2.5'' long.

Pick up the felt and pinch the two longest sides together to form a bow shape.

Keeping this shape in one hand, roughly stitch through the center to keep in place.
(The stitching doesn't need to be neat as this area of the bow will be covered by the felt strip later on)

Rainbowbows... :)
Use the 1 inch strip you cut off in the first step and position around the center of the bow.

With the hot glue ready, wrap the strip around the bow to the center of the back and glue in place.

Finished bow.
There are so many things you can do with your finished bow. You can slip a hairpin in behind the strip at the back and you have a cute bow pin for your hair.
Or, add a safety pin at the back of the bow and add it to your clothing.
Good luck :) 

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