Lace Embroidery Hoops

When It was time to do some last minute decorating for my wedding I looked at what I had lying around the house. For me it was one too many embroidery hoops. I bought some curtain lace from lincraft and stretched the lace into the hoops. I made them in many different hoop sizes ranging from 3inch to 20 inch and used them as a back drop for our cake table at the reception. They were a very easy last minute project that made a big impact.
You don't have to make them for your wedding either, we have them now hanging in our hallway. 
When you're finished with them you can reuse the hoops for embroidery and sew the lace circles together for a tablecloth.
I used a 6inch hoop and cut a larger circle to fit the hoop. You could also stretch the lace over a larger piece of fabric and cut away the excess close to the underside of the hoop.  
Here are some photos from our wedding of this project. The photographer is the very talented Kelly Adams, check out her website here

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